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OmaSauna is a Finnish brand meaning "Own a Sauna". 


Our saunas are carefully hand-crafted and designed in Finland from high-quality materials. As they are designed for durability and longevity, the external panels of our saunas are built from spruce tree wood, while the interior benches are made from black alder. 

A sauna kit includes everything you need to enjoy your new sauna! Including, a unique OmaSauna wood fired or electric stove with sauna stones. As well as the floor, walls, ceiling, glass windows and glass door, internal benches and foot rests.


The exterior walls come coated with a specialised exterior paint, that is made to resist extreme weather conditions. Dark grey is our standard colour, however there are other colours available to suit your personal taste.


Each sauna comes with internal and external LED lights, these can be connected to your mains electricity, or come with a battery pack or can be solar-powered.

A traditional Finnish bath whisk in sauna
Oxygen-Rich Steam

What makes our saunas stand out from the crowd?

They are engineered in a way that guarantees constant circulation of air within the sauna. This makes your experience more enjoyable and you won’t feel tired or dizzy! 


As our saunas are built for durability and longevity, no insulation is used. Instead, each sauna has a double wall with a cavity, keeping the sauna warm and preventing dampness while not in use.  

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Delivery & Installation

All our saunas are bespoke and made to order. The delivery time depends on the model of your choice, but is normally between 4-6 weeks. We do our very best to deliver our saunas as quickly as possible, so you can experience your "Own Sauna".

We work with a local building and construction company who are able to professionally install the sauna in your preferred location, as well as other accessories, such as a patio or garden shower.


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