OmaSauna Medium Plus


OmaSauna Medium Plus 
5.5m² Sauna + 3m² Dressing Room

This is a traditional Finnish sauna for 4-5 bathers. ​

It is perfect for creating an oasis of calm in any setting, whether that is your back garden or the middle of a forest. 

Each sauna comes with a wood fire or electric stove and sauna stones. As well as tinted or clear glass windows, a glass front door and a sliding door between the sauna and the dressing room. 


The sauna package includes 2x 600mm deep benches and a 400mm wide foot-rest bench.

The door width is of 900mm, allowing wheelchair access.

Suggested number of bathers: 4-5

Dimensions: 2570 x 3830 mm

Weight: 1400kg 

Custom features: 

- Tinted or clear glass door and windows

- Remote control electric stove 

- External & internal LED lights

  (electric, solar or battery powered)

- LED illuminated back support

- Benches for dressing room

- External paint - click here to find the colour chart 

- Delivery & installation

From £9,690.00 incl. VAT 


We offer worldwide shipping. 

All our saunas are bespoke and made to order. The delivery time depends on the model of your choice, but is normally between 4-6 weeks. We do our very best to deliver our saunas as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can experience your "Own Sauna".

We work with a local building and construction company who are able to professionally install the sauna in your preferred location, as well as other accessories, such as a patio or a garden shower.

From £750.00 incl. VAT 

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