Unless you are very experienced in DIY projects, we would highly recommend a skilled and professional builder/joiner to undertake the building of the sauna. 

We work very closely with JDC Construction & Maintenance, as they are experienced in building saunas and extremely reliable.

JDC Construction & Maintenance are a comprehensive construction and maintenance company that offer a wide range of building services for Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Residential customers. They are a family business with over 35 years of experience in the construction and maintenance sector. JDC Construction and Maintenance pride themselves on being readily available, professional and with the knowledge and experience to tackle any size of project. They are a credible company with a first-class reputation, always adding a ‘personal-touch’ and aim to be flexible to adapt to client requirements.  

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You will need (list of tools):


Tape measure

Allen key (Hex key) 

Spirit level



Step ladder

If you have chosen the build option for self-installation, it will come with a set of instructions. Our saunas are also supplied with easy to assemble elements which are primed with a superb timber protection paint (read more here). 

Prior to building your sauna, you need to have a suitable foundation on which to stand the structure. Please note - the floor of the sauna does not stand directly on the ground, this allows for better circulation of air and moisture. 


All our products contain large heavy parts, as such the installation will need at least 3 people.


The installation is a straight forward process and assuming it is completed in a methodical manor in accordance with the installation instructions, people with a very good understanding and experience of DIY projects will be able to complete to a good standard.


However, we would highly recommend all saunas to be installed by an experienced contractor to ensure it is finished to a high standard. 


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