OmaSauna King-Size Patio


*Outdoor furniture is not included. 

OmaSauna King-Size Patio
9.5m² Sauna + 6m² Patio

This is an extremely spacious sauna designed for up to 10 people. ​It is perfect for entertaining friends and family at home. It is also ideal for commercial spas and gyms. 

This particular model also includes an impressive verandah area which is ideal for some rest and relaxation between sauna visits, entertaining friends and family or enjoying nature. 

Each sauna comes with a wood fire or electric stove which is situated in the centre of the sauna, surrounded by 2x U-Shaped benches.

The sauna package includes 2x 600mm deep

U-shaped benches and a 400mm wide foot-rest bench. The door features a width of 900mm, allowing wheelchair access. 

Suggested number of bathers: up to 10 

Dimensions: 2570 x 5780 mm

Weight: 1600kg 

Custom features: 

- Tinted or clear glass door and windows

- Remote control electric stove 

- External & internal LED lights

  (electric, solar or battery powered)
- LED illuminated back support

- External paint - click here to find the colour chart

- Delivery & installation

From 13,150.00 incl. VAT 


We offer worldwide shipping. 

All our saunas are bespoke and made to order. The delivery time depends on the model of your choice, but is normally between 4-6 weeks. We do our very best to deliver our saunas as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can experience your "Own Sauna".

We work with a local building and construction company who are able to professionally install the sauna in your preferred location, as well as other accessories, such as a patio or a garden shower.

From £950.00 incl. VAT 

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